Self-Service Dog Wash

Self-Service Dog Wash

Is your pooch a stinky, dirty mess after a trip to the dog park? Is she a mud puppy? Does she seek out and roll around in smelly garbage, no matter how often you tell her that you’d rather she wouldn’t? If you’re tired of kneeling to give your pup a bath in the family tub, or you think the hose out front is too chilly, come to PAWS AT THE CORNER and give your dog a wash (and your back a rest!).

At our self-serve doggie spa, we provide the shampoo and conditioner, the apron, the blow dryer, grooming table, and towels ! All you need to provide is your dirty dog. Other features include:

  • Not only do we provide the towels, but we CLEAN UP after you’re done!
  • Our Tub is raised, so you don’t hurt your back scrubbing those hard to reach areas!
  • Our shampoos are all natural soap-free and leave your pooch smelling great (In the name of science we have tested them all on Aspen, Izzy and Roie our personal mud-magnets).
  • We also have air blow dryers to dry your pup!
  • Tie downs are provided so your dog doesn’t run away!

Call us at 919-644-0729 to make an appointment today. Plus, enroll in our doggie spa club and after your 10th dog wash, the next will be FREE!